Angel Olsen – “All Right Now” + “High & Wild” Video

I have to believe Angel Olsen could do a killer cover of “All Right Now,” Free’s 1970 classic rock staple. But “All Right Now,” one of five bonus tracks on the deluxe version of Olsen’s awesome Album Of The Week-winning Burn Your Fire For No Witness, is an original. Although Olsen started rocking out on this record, “All Right Now” is a callback to the hushed, smoldering intimacy of her early work, and it’s a gorgeous thing to behold. She also shared a self-made video for Burn Your Fire track “High & Wild,” one of those on-the-road travelogue montages that’s probably full of lots of inside jokes. Watch that on Vimeo, and hear “All Right Now” below.

The deluxe edition of Burn Your Fire For No Witness is out 11/18 on Jagjaguwar.

01 “Unfucktheworld”
02 “Forgiven/Forgotten”
03 “Hi-Five”
04 “White Fire”
05 “High & Wild”
06 “Lights Out”
07 “Stars”
08 “Iota”
09 “Dance Slow Decades”
10 “Enemy”
11 “Windows”
12 “White Water” (Bonus)
13 “All Right Now” (Bonus)
14 “Only With You” (Bonus)
15 “May As Well” (Bonus)
16 “Endless Road” (Bonus)

[Photo by Zia Anger.]

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