Beyoncé And Jay Z Are Allegedly Working On An Album Together

Talented, world-conquering musical spouses Beyoncé and Jay Z have been on tour together for months, and they’ve made it a point to counter divorce rumors on stage and in the studio. Well, here’s one way to demonstrate your oneness: According to DJ Skee, multiple unnamed sources have confirmed that the couple are working on an album together. Vulture speculates that Jay and Bey’s very own matrimonial Watch The Throne could be out as soon as late 2014 or early 2015, though Skee’s report doesn’t hint at a timeline for the release. Hip-hop stars do a lot of recording on the road these days, so the Carter family would certainly have the opportunity to hit the studio while On The Run. Let’s just hope Jay brings his A-game so we don’t end up with a whole album of “Your breasteses are my breakfast.” In the meantime, the duo’s On The Run tour special airs 9/20 on HBO.

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