Slim Twig – “Clerical Collar” + “All This Wanting” Video (Stereogum Premiere)

In 2012, Toronto musician Slim Twig self-released A Hound At The Hem, an ambitious narrative suite inspired by Lolita. In the intervening years DFA linked up with Twig, and in advance of releasing his newer work, they’re giving A Hound At The Hem broader release. The project has an outsider art feel to it, yet there’s a twisted professionalism about “Clerical Collar,” a queasy psych-pop epic that matches Twig’s baritone crooning with a jaunty rhythm, a cheery chorus of backing vocals, and an arrangement by the St. Kitts string quartet. (The ever-present Owen Pallett chipped in some arrangements elsewhere on the album, btw.) The stomping piano rocker “All This Wanting” is a fantastic voyage in its own right, like Spoon on a Serge Gainsbourg kick in another dimension. Emily Pelstring directed a kaleidoscopic video for that one. Watch it below, where you can also listen to “Clerical Collar.”

A Hound At The Hem is out 10/28 on DFA.