Gwar Spare Dave Grohl’s Life Thanks To His Oderus Urungus Tribute

A few months ago, Richmond, Virginia locals launched a crowdfunding campaign to bring the Foo Fighters to their town. It worked, and last night, the band played the local club the National. During the show, Dave Grohl dedicated a song to local thrash legends Gwar and to Dave Brockie, better known as Oderus Urungus, the Gwar frontman who died earlier this year. Grohl also told a story: One about being a kid and going, absolutely unprepared, to a Gwar show in Richmond. (It sure sounds like it was the band’s Halloween 1986 show in Schafer Court at VCU, a locally infamous show.) He also told a story about how Brockie, in an interview, once claimed that Grohl had had teeth removed “so he can fit more Grammy dicks in his fucking mouth.” In response, Gwar member JizMak The Destroyer posted a video, claiming that he’d gone to the show intending to kill Grohl but that, because he said something nice about Oderus, he’d spare Grohl’s life “this time.” Watch the videos of Grohl’s Brockie dedication and JizMak’s response below.


In other Gwar news, the band has a brand-new frontwoman named Vulvatron, who debuted with the band during this past weekend’s Riot Fest in Chicago. She shoots blood from prosthetic boobs. Wondering Sound has a great piece about how important this is.