Ugly Hussy – “Luk” (Stereogum Premiere)

Ugly Hussy is the project of composer Alex Maddalena, who recorded his forthcoming debut LP in both Boise, Idaho and upstate New York. He makes rugged instrumental music, gravelly and coarse. “Luk” is built around a single electric guitar line, developed and heightened from the textures that ripple around it. Simple in concept but layered in execution, the song is operatic in how it swells, see-sawing from tense to even-tempered. Both gorgeously discordant and jarringly beautiful, it’s immediately poignant and compassionate, a beacon of light cutting through cloudy skies. Listen below.

Host is out digitally on 10/28 and physically on 11/4 via Aloe Music. Ugly Hussy will play a show in Savannah, GA for Cassette Store Day (9/27) and in Brooklyn for CMJ on 10/25.

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