Hear Two Dev Hynes Demos Written For Britney Spears

As Blood Orange, Dev Hynes is an underground pop star unto himself. As a songwriter and producer, he helped Solange and Sky Ferreira find their own kinds of cool-kid stardom, and he’s worked with a ton of very good artists in the past few years. Britney Spears, ultimately, is not one of those artists. Spears’ people brought Hynes in to write a couple of songs for her last year’s album, Britney Jean, and he recorded demos of two songs, both of which were rejected. Both of those untitled songs made their way to the internet recently, and they’re very much in Hynes’ wheelhouse: Breathy, skeletal, chiffony pop songs that drift like clouds. It’s hard to imagine Britney ever singing either of those songs, but it would’ve been cool. Listen to Hynes’ demos below.

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(via Pigeons And Planes)