Snootie Wild – “Made Me (Remix)” (Feat. Jeremih & Lil Boosie)

Snootie Wild is a North Memphis rapper and a part of Yo Gotti’s CMG crew, and his twinkling, rumbling K Camp collab “Made Me” has lately been making the transition from regional hit to national hit. The new remix should seriously hasten that process. The two guests on the remix — slippery Chicago R&B singer Jeremih and recently-freed Baton Rouge gangsta cult hero Lil Boosie — aren’t the most obvious guests. But both of them absolutely cut loose, Jeremih having fun with his horny metaphors and Boosie getting writerly with his up-from-nothing narrative: “I done got it out that mud, that’s that shit that made me / Ramen noodles, sugar water, Similac baby.” There’s nothing arty or attention-grabbing about this remix, but it’s just a ridiculously well-executed banger, the sort of thing you really need to hear in a car. Check it out below.

Snootie Wild’s Go Mode EP is out now at iTunes.