KISS Associate Busted For Child Pornography

Guitarist Stephen Coronel, who once played with Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley in KISS precursor Wicked Lester, has been arrested and accused of uploading child pornography from his home, according to the Charlotte Observer. Coronel was charged with five counts of sexual exploitation of a minor by South Carolina’s Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office. WJCL reports that he was discovered broadcasting or streaming pornography through a peer-to-peer webcam program, and that information was sent to the National Center For Missing And Exploited Children, who tracked his location through his IP address. Coronel was kicked out of Wicked Lester after Epic Records said they wouldn’t sign the group with him still attached to the band. They never released a debut album (it was rejected by the label), but Coronel received co-writing credits on the KISS songs “Going Blind” and “She.” No other details about the case have been revealed yet, pending further investigation.

[Photo via Beaufort Public Safety.]