Flying Lotus Really Wanted To Be On Yeezus, Hints At Thom Yorke Collaboration

You’re Dead!, the morbid new jazz-fusion odyssey from Flying Lotus, comes out tomorrow, and the album has cameos from rap stars Kendrick Lamar and Snoop Dogg. But apparently, FlyLo really, really wants to work with one guy, one who won’t return his calls. You will probably not be surprised to learn that Kanye West is that person. Even though it would seem that FlyLo’s florid maximalism would be a strange fit for the minimal industrial clank that Kanye put together for his 2013 album Yeezus, FlyLo is still a little upset that he wasn’t a part of it.

In a long and wide-ranging Newsweek interview, FlyLo addresses the Kanye question:

I should have been on it. It was kind of weird that I wasn’t. Just being totally real, not on some ego shit… I was like, “They didn’t even call!”… That’s my favorite one of his albums. I really wish I was part of it. There’s a few things that came out that I really wish I was on. I wish I was on that. I wish I was on the Earl [Sweatshirt] album, the Doris album.

FlyLo has, however, put in some work with another tremendously important superstar; Thom Yorke appeared on his Cosmogramma track “…And The World Laughs With You” in 2010 and his Until The Quiet Comes track “Electric Candyman” in 2012. And when Newsweek asked him about the possibility of another Yorke collab, he said, “I was just talking to him… He’s got some shit. Something happening soon. I just feel it. Something’s around the corner. I feel it in my bones.” So that seems like a “yes.”