Iggy Pop To Play Serial Killer In Crowdfunded Argento Film

Iggy Pop has spent some time moonlighting as an actor over the years, and his filmography is a weird one: Cry-Baby! Tank Girl! The Crow: City Of Angels! Snow Day! That scene with Tom Waits on Coffee & Cigarettes! And next year, he may get his first shot as a leading man. Obviously, he’ll play a serial killer.

As Pitchfork points out, the great Italian horror director Dario Argento has launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise $250,000 to make a new movie called The Sandman. Iggy has signed on to play the title character, a masked killer based on a boogeyman figure of German legend. In the movie, he’ll kill victims with a weaponized melon baller and keep their eyeballs as trophies. Longtime Argento collaborator and Goblin frontman Claudio Simonetti will score it. Here’s the crowdfunding video, in which Iggy and Argento tell you why you should pony up some money:

You can give money and learn more about the movie here. It’s been a while since Argento made a great movie, but he is the guy who made Suspiria and Tenebre, so don’t count him out.