Watch Neil Young Visit The Colbert Report And Mad Money With Jim Cramer

Yesterday, Neil Young published his book Special Deluxe: A Memoir Of Life And Cars, and he spent the day in full media-blitz mode. After sitting to talk with Howard Stern for the first time ever, he visited two extremely disparate TV shows yesterday. On The Colbert Report, he was in full kooky-uncle mode, talking about his converted electric hot rod and talking about why, exactly, he thinks Barack Obama should be impeached. He also performed “Who’s Gonna Stand Up?,” the environmentalist anthem from his forthcoming LP Storytone, as a duet with Colbert. Colbert added his own verse about fracking the whales and got to play a solo. And on CNBC’s Mad Money With Jim Cramer, Young was considerably less wacky as he talked up the virtues of his digital music player Pono and his negotiations with car companies to get the Pono player built into cars. (Cramer’s description of the audio qualities of MP3s cracked me up more than anything on Colbert.) Watch the two interviews and the performance below.

Special Deluxe: A Memoir Of Life And Cars is out now, and Storytone is out 11/4 on Reprise.