Nicholas Krgovich – “City Of Night” Video

Last month we heard Nicholas Krgovich’s “City Of Night,” a jazzy, sultry tune from Krgovich’s debut album, On Sunset. Now Krgovich shares a video to go along with the track. The clip features Krgovich executing twitchy dance moves in the harsh light of car headlights, and at other times, in fluorescent light. The chorus repeats the question, “Who’s going to be there for me?” Apparently the answer to that question is Amber Coffman, the genial vocalist and guitarist from the Dirty Projectors. At the end of the video, at around the same time a saxophone starts to seduce in the background, Coffman appears, clad in white, back to back with Krgovich, dancing between the flickering beams of light. Check it out.

On Sunset is out now via NK World Service/Tin Angel.