Guardians Of The Galaxy Soundtrack Gets Cassette Release

The release of sci-fi superhero romp Guardians Of The Galaxy neatly coincides with a renewed interest in tape culture, which means that of course the soundtrack for the movie is going to be put out on cassette. (Director James Gunn hinted on Twitter a while back that he was aiming for a tape release.) The soundtrack — which has already been released digitally and on CD and vinyl — did well sales-wise and is currently the tenth largest selling album of the year so far. The tie-in even sort of makes sense, considering that the mixtape factors heavily into the film and is played on the main character’s Walkman throughout. The limited edition Guardians cassette will be released on 11/17 and will be an exclusive release for indie music stores that also participate in Record Store Day. Billboard notes that this is the first cassette released by Disney since 2003. Check out another picture of the release below.

Guardians Of The Galaxy tape

Guardians Of The Galaxy: Awesome Mix Vol. 1 is out 11/17 via Marvel Music/Hollywood Records.