Stream Tkay Maidza Switch Tape

Stream Tkay Maidza Switch Tape

Rapper/singer/producer Tkay Maidza hails from in Australia via Zimbabwe, and she makes music covers even more ground than that. If Maidza’s “U-Huh” video wasn’t enough to affirm that she’s worthy of our collective attention — it was — the new Switch Tape seals the deal. Over the course of originals, remixes, and Maidza’s features on other people’s tracks, it presents a wildly adventurous talent. Before the thing is even halfway finished she samples the “Fuck every question you askin’!” part from “Black Skinhead,” approximates PC Music’s more-human-than-human electro-pop, and glides over neon house music. Switch Tape, indeed. Listen or download below, where you can also watch the “U-Huh” video.

(via The Fader)


Tkay Maidza – “Always Been” (feat. Swick & BOT)
Tkay Maidza – “Switch Lanes” (feat. Paces)
Tkay Maidza – “MOB” (prod. Elk)
Tkay Maidza – “Finish Them” (prod. Bok Bok)
SBTRKT – “Everybody Knows” (Tkay Maidza Edit)
Tkay Maidza – “Brontosaurs” feat. Bad Cop (Elk Drum Edit)
Swick and Lewis Cancut – “Wishes” (feat. Tkay Maidza)
Friend Within – “The Monochrome” (feat. Tkay Maidza)
Tkay Maidza – “Forever” (prod. Swick)
Tkay Maidza – “Gangsta” (prod. Elk)
Carmada (L D R U & Yahtzel) – “Give It All” (feat. Tkay Maidza)
Kilter – “They Say” (feat. Tkay Maidza)
Tkay Maidza – “U-huh” (prod. Elk)
Tkay Maidza – “U-huh” (Luke Million Remix)
Must Die! – “Imprint” (feat. Tkay Maidza)
Tkay Maidza – “TM” (prod. Swick and Lewis Cancut)
Tkay Maidza – “Basskick Pump” (prod. Swick)
Tkay Maidza – “Trouble” (prod. Motez)

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