Hear Taylor Swift’s “Style” Debut In A Target Commercial & See 1989’s Tracklist

If you’ve been hearing a distant rumble, or noticing animals getting agitated, or perhaps seeing weather patterns doing strange things, you are right to be alarmed. We are five days away from Tayor Swift releasing her new album 1989 and dominating popular music for the foreseeable future. Taylor has already unleashed three songs, in their terrible glory, upon us. Grown men tremble at the whisper of their names: “Shake It Off,” “Out Of The Woods,” “Welcome To New York.” The fourth horseman of the apocalypse could arrive in the form of a new Swift song called “Style.” 30 seconds of it appear in a new Target ad. It sounds pretty catchy, I guess? It’s hard to tell from 30 seconds. Behold:

1989 is out 10/27 on Big Machine. Does Target really sell old-timey microphones?

UPDATE: According to a photo of 1989’s back cover that’s been circulating on Twitter, here’s the tracklist:

01 “Welcome To New York”
02 “Blank Space”
03 “Style”
04 “Out Of The Woods”
05 “All You Had To Do Was Stay”
06 “Shake It Off”
07 “I Wish You Would”
08 “Bad Blood”
09 “Wildest Dreams”
10 “How You Get The Girl”
11 “This Love”
12 “I Know Places”
13 “Clean”

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