Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best And Worst Comments

Now we got problems.? And I don’t think we can solve them.? You made a really deep cut.? And baby, now we got bad blood. -Swift

Your best and worst comments of the week, about 1989 and other new music, are below.


#10 raptor jesus | Oct 20th Score:20

“Out Of The Woods” is better.

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#9 blochead | Oct 23rd Score:20

Ariel Pink might be the only soul on Earth craving attention more than me.

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#8 wordcore | Oct 23rd Score:20

The full quote is actually:

“I think Kesha will get to that eventually,” said Wayne Coyne. “She doesn’t have that sort of power now, but I think she will eventually. There is nothing wrong with blackface.”

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#7 cbishop | Oct 18th Score:22

Kudos to johnnyfuckhead. That’s a good one.

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#5 monsieurbobo | Oct 21st Score:25

“It’s like an electric city.”

Unlike, say, Boston, which still relies on the illuminating power of whale oil.

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#4 marko | Oct 20th Score:31

Nonsense. We also have lame 50s/60s retreads like All About That Bass.

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Demian Kendall | Oct 20th Score:38

BREAKING: Taylor Swift and New York break up. New single to be released next month.

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#1 Scott Lapatine | Oct 20th Score:48

Waiting for Casablancas to weigh in.

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Jack Kovaleski | Oct 21st Score:-10

People LOVE to complain about Taylor. It’s so boring. This is a bop.


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#4 craps player | Oct 21st Score:-10

I’m pretty sure that the “Kanye West Rework” is actually the rework of “Flashing Lights” she’s been doing live and not a remix of “Yellow Flicker Beat” by Kanye West.

It’s annoying that smaller sites like Stereogum and Pitchfork create such confusion by running their false assumptions and inferences as headlines without actually ever bothering to confirm their information before publishing it.

I’m guessing it must just be because Pitchfork and Stereogum are too small potatoes to warrant a call or an email back from Lorde or Kanye’s PR outfits.

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#2 job | Oct 20th Score:-17

There are no NEW Pumpkins fans are there? The only thing keeping this guy going has to be those few Gen Xers who still cling to their cherished 90s CDs, right? I mean, Corgan and crew were barely tolerable then, but now it’s almost like a weird joke, it’s like those faithful few who still listen to Nirvana in earnest. Some music just doesn’t age well. I suppose I should give him credit for being able to sustain a career as a nostalgia act, but I really don’t see the appeal.

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Jonathan Cooper | Oct 23rd Score:-17

Stereogum is like the CNN of shitty indie news. Fuck you

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cbishop | Oct 21st Score:16

I’m all for writing songs about NYC as long as it’s the interesting stuff. Like the stray cat problem in my neighborhood. Boom. There’s a song. Or the rat problem also in my neighborhood. Boom. Another song. Or all the trash processing plants that permeate the area with that delicous trashy smell. Number 1 hit? Maybe. That crowded, claustrophobic, yet ultimately alone feeling? Bingo. Song.

Oh, god. I need to move. What am I doing with my life? Someone help me.

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