Sia Offers A Jar Of Her Breath For Charity

If you ever thought it would be cool to own the breath of a celebrity, you may be in luck. Sia is offering up her own breath in a jar for a charity event in Australia this weekend. It will be up for grabs as a prize at the Adelaide Film Festival’s film quiz night. Proceeds will go to help support Adelaide-based filmmakers. The event will take place on Halloween night. Spooky! “Gorgeously and magnificently, she breathed into a jar for us,” film festival director and CEO Amanda Duthie explained. “Her breath is in a Mason jar with silver sealing wax, so no one can accidentally open it. Whoever wins will be able to break the seal — or just let it be.” Just look at all that breath she’s exhaling in that picture — all that could be yours! More details about the event can be found here. In the meantime, watch Sia’s video for “Breathe Me” below, which takes on a whole new meaning now.

Are there some cool spells you can do with someone’s breath? Any witches out there want to weigh in?

[Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty.]

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