Wu-Tang Clan – “Ruckus In B Minor”

Wu-Tang Clan – “Ruckus In B Minor”

The Wu-Tang Clan will celebrate their twentieth anniversary by releasing a new album called A Better Tomorrow, which will be their first record for Warner Bros. We’ve already heard lead single “Ron O’Neal” and promo track “Keep Watch,” and now here’s another new one. “Ruckus In B Minor” mashes up rap and soul and serves as a reminder to those who may think Wu-Tang have lost it in the seven years since their last studio album; in case you doubted it, the chorus goes “we still number one.” The first verse shouts out a bunch of TV show names, including Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, and The Mentalist. The track is also one of those that will be included on the Better Tomorrow-branded Bluetooth speaker. Listen below.

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A Better Tomorrow is out 12/2 via Warner Bros. Here’s the tracklist:

01 “Ruckus In B Minor”
02 “Felt”
03 “40th Street Black / We Will Fight”
04 “Mistaken Identity”
05 “Hold The Heater”
06 “Crushed Egos”
07 “Keep Watch”
08 “Miracle”
09 “Preacher’s Daughter”
10 “Pioneer The Frontier”
11 “Necklace”
12 “Ron O’Neal”
13 “A Better Tomorrow”
14 “Never Let Go”
15 “Wu-Tang Reunion”

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