Yelling “Parklife!” At Russell Brand Is A Thing Now

In America, the British comedian Russell Brand is mostly known for being obnoxious and British. In the UK, he’s famous for speaking in verbose syntactic jumbles. And as The Independent notes, some guy on Twitter figured out that it’s funny to yell “Parklife!” after everything the man says, and it’s taken off. On Blur’s 1994 single, Quadrophenia actor Phil Daniels rambles on in distinct Cockney style while the band interrupts to yell the song’s title. That works for Brand, too, and now every time he tweets anything the “Parklife!” responses come fast and furious. Observe:

There’s a lot more of this. And as The Independent notes, people are also writing one-star review of Brand’s new book, where the entire text of the review is “Parklife!” And now it’s a Vine thing, too.

Pretty soon, Brand is going to be unable to utter a word in public without people immediately yelling “Parklife!” at him. That picture up at the top of the screen is Brand’s actual Twitter avatar, so you can’t say he doesn’t deserve it.