Watch New Radicals’ Gregg Alexander Perform Live For The First Time In Over 15 Years

The songwriter Gregg Alexander used to lead New Radicals; in fact, he was effectively the entire band. He kept the name long enough to record one hit single (“You Get What You Give”) and one album (Maybe You’ve Been Brainwashed Too). Then he effectively disappeared. Alexander moved to England and worked as a behind-the-scenes songwriter, shunning the spotlight entirely. More recently, he co-wrote many of the songs from the recent music-industry indie drama Begin Again, and he gave his first interview in 15 years. One of those Begin Again songs is “Lost Stars,” which Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine sang in the movie. It’s likely to be nominated for a Best Original Song Oscar. And at the recent Hollywood In Media Awards in L.A., Alexander took to the stage to sing the song. It was his first time performing since the New Radicals’ heyday, and you can watch a fan-made video below.

(via The Hollywood Reporter)

That was some impressive screaming toward the end there! He didn’t let go. He’s got the music in him.

[Photo from Deadline’s The Contenders via Getty.]