Lilith Velkor – “I Don’t Care” (Stereogum Premiere)

Lilith Velkor spend most of their time in slash-and-burn mode: tracks like “Aggro-Culture” serve as a testament to the fact that the band has nailed down the intricacies of punk with militant-like accuracy. For much of their sophomore album, Lone, the Brooklyn band navigates the murky waters between harsh noise and elegiac moments of clarity, balancing between likability and unfiltered frustration. It’s not an easy thing to do well, but they make it look effortless. But on “I Don’t Care,” they take a step back, giving into the melody that their other songs so often try to eviscerate. The music is as resigned as the sentiment behind it; in the chorus, lead singer Mondo Dilger recites a litany of emotions and follows it up with one enduring question: “traumatized, desensitized, ostracized … do I try?” That’s not something that has an easy answer. Listen below.

Lone is out now on Starcleaner Records.