Stream Bo Ningen & Savages Words To The Blind

Last year, Jehnny Beth, frontwoman for the great British postpunk band Savages, sang on “CC,” a song from the experimental Japanese psych-rockers Bo Ningen. And now the two have teamed up for Words To The Blind, an entire collaborative LP, featuring both bands playing together. The whole thing is one single, unbroken 38-minute track. It takes a while to get going, and by the time it achieves liftoff, it feels loose and improvised, like both bands were just playing in a room together somewhere and wondering what might happen. Apparently, only about half the album was improvised, though the two bands did write it in just two days. And right now, you can listen to the whole thing below.

(via Dazed, where you can read an interview with both bands)

Words To The Blind is out 11/17 via Stolen Recordings/Pop Noire.