Jawbreaker – “Boxcar” Video

No, it’s not a Jawbreaker reunion (at least not yet, anyway), but the band has shared a video for “Boxcar,” a track off their third LP 24 Hour Revenge Therapy, which turned 20 earlier this year. The video is made up of unreleased footage shot by one of the band members in San Francisco’s Mission District in 1992. Here’s what the band had to say about it: “In 2013, I found an unprocessed Super 8 film cartridge of footage I shot in 1992. I had no idea what it was. This is it.” (The “I” in that statement is a little unclear — there’s no indication as to which of the band members runs their social media accounts. UPDATE: Commenters have pointed out that it’s drummer Adam Pfahler, so he’s the one that directed the video.) According to a Facebook comment, the footage was edited together a few days ago by an intern. It’s not much, but it’s new! You can watch below.

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