Watch The Treacly Trailer For Anne Hathaway’s Brooklyn Folk Scene Drama Song One, Featuring New Music By Jenny Lewis

Song One is a new film “set against the backdrop of Brooklyn’s vibrant modern-folk music scene” that stars Anne Hathaway as an anthropologist who returns to New York after her musician brother ends up in a coma after a car accident. She then begins to explore the “vibrant modern-folk music scene” that her brother was a part of and falls in love with another musician played by South African musician/actor Johnny Flynn. Sounds pretty bad, huh? Well, the movie features original songs written by Jenny Lewis and Johnathan Rice (aka Jenny And Johnny), which will be performed in the film by Flynn’s character. And there are cameos from Sharon Van Etten, Dan Deacon, and a few other New York-based musicians. The film is the directorial debut of Kate Barker-Froyland. You can watch the trailer below, which sounds like it features some of Jenny And Johnny’s new music.

Song One is in theaters on 1/23.