Hear A Cleaned-Up Version Of James Mercer’s Pre-Shins Song “The Shins”

Flake Music, James Mercer’s early-’90s project that served as a kind of precursor to the Shins, released their only album, When You Land Here, It’s Time To Return, in 1997. Later this month, Sub Pop and Aural Apothecary will reissue the record, re-mixing and mastering elements of the original recording that Mercer had purportedly been unsatisfied with. Now you can hear a cleaned-up version of Flake Music song “The Shins,” with Mercer’s typically crisp vocals pushed to the forefront. Listen.

(via Rolling Stone)

The When You Land Here, It’s Time To Return reissue will be out 11/24 via Sub Pop and Aural Apothecary.