Grooms – “Doctor M”

Grooms – “Doctor M”

Grooms played Death By Audio’s farewell show last weekend, and the band’s relationship to the now-defunct DIY space runs deep. They’ve been practicing there since 2007, back when they were called Muggabears; principal songwriter Travis Johnson (the only original Grooms member remaining from those days) and A Place To Bury Strangers’ Oliver Ackermann ran their Death By Audio effects pedal company out of the space; and bassist Jay Heiselmann was a tenant there. (Johnson shared some remembrances of the space for Impose.) The physical location that nursed them is gone, but Grooms are pressing on with new album Comb The Feelings Through Your Hair early next year. Lead single “Doctor M” taps into that Sonic Youth vein that’s always been so fruitful for this band, cruising from an increasingly intense motorik buildup to an extended ethereal outro. Listen below.

Comb The Feelings Through Your Hair is out 2/7 on Western Vinyl.

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