Band Practice – “Band Practice Theme Song” (Stereogum Premiere)

Miscreant Records founder Jeanette Wall started Band Practice as an outlet for songs that she recorded alone in her bedroom. With Make Nice, her first studio-recorded album, she recruited Ben Bondy (Cult Of The Crying Moon, Friendless Bummer) to round out the band that inhabits the title, and together they’ve made a proper debut that oozes with warmth and sentimentality. On their eponymous “Theme Song,” the DNA from her time flying solo isn’t forgotten: Wall said in an email that she wrote the song about “wanting to be in a band and how playing by yourself is sometimes lonely.” But with Bondy backing her, she sounds anything but alone. “Band Practice Theme Song” is a syrupy injection of pure elation, the sound of having a lot of beers and getting a little too drunk with good friends and feeling like there’s no other place that you’d rather be. “I am an artist and I have been drinking,” Wall admits at the beginning of the track. “I am a show girl, I’m alone on the weekends/ I am everyone and I’m everything, but when I’m with you all I do is sing.” Wall’s vocals soar above the song, energetic and high-spirited. Self-doubt still creeps in — “I am a person, but I’m also a bug” — but it’s tempered by an infectious enthusiasm. Things aren’t always so sunny, but it’s easy to forget that when listening to this. As a statement for the band as a whole, it encompasses both the good and the bad, andnd it doesn’t hurt that it’s one of the most effortlessly catchy songs I’ve heard all year. Listen below.

Make Nice is out on 12/9 via Chill Mega Chill.