Teen Daze – “Reykjavik, January 2015″

Teen Daze has been quietly making music for years now, putting out a series for solid and unassuming records, EPs, and remixes that have garnered him a great deal of fans. He’s become more ambient as the years have gone on, and his latest sticks with the icy atmosphere he’s spent the past few releases solidifying. His new track “Reykjavik, January 2015″ begins with the distant sound of fireworks and a few sparse but heavy piano notes, which eventually flower into a steadily thumping synth and some twinkling production. The track title recalls both a place and an as of yet unrealized time, feeling like the possibilities are both finite and limitless between now and then. It also signifies the release date of his next EP, A World Away. The track molds together an expansive dreamscape filled with icicles, glaciers, and beauty at every turn. You can listen below.

A World Away is out 1/13.

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