Limited – “Times Square Poet”

Limited is the project of Alex Craig — also a member of Big Troubles and Ducktails — who first caught our attention with his synth-based side project Limited with the glitchy and fun “Automation (Do You Feel)” from earlier this year. His next offering is a lot darker, and comes with a significantly higher pedigree: Craig will put out a new EP called EMPIRE PARASITE MP3S next month that was mixed and mastered by Al Carlson, who has also worked with Ariel Pink and Oneohtrix Point Never. “Times Square Poet,” the first track from that release, features a heavy beat that thumps along haphazardly and slams down like a wet newspaper. Craig’s vocals are strained and haunting, buried under a tower of dirt and grime. You can listen below.

(via Fader)


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