Billy Corgan Launches Pop-Up Tea Shop, “Weird” Musical

Billy Corgan has been keeping busy as of late: between releasing a new Smashing Pumpkins album, reissuing Adore, and beefing with Anderson Cooper, he’s kept pretty active over the past few months. His next two ventures include a pop-up shop in New York City and a new “weird” musical that he wrote.

The pop-up shop is in partnership with his Chicago-based tea shop Madame ZuZu’s and NYC-based Physical GraffiTea. The shop will be open for one day only (which is today, 12/8) and will feature limited edition Smashing Pumpkins mugs, Christmas ornaments, lithographs, and tea bundles. Monuments To An Elegy will also be available on vinyl and CD a day before its official release. More information can be found here.

Back in Chicago, a musical that Corgan wrote called Pretty Persephone debuted for the first time at the Music Theatre Company in Highland Park on Saturday night. The musical was part of a performance called The 48-Hour Musicals: Encore, which featured 15-20 minute shows written in 48 hours. While Corgan’s wasn’t written in that time frame, The Chicago Tribune noted in their review of it that it was only halfway complete, though they otherwise had good things to say about it.

The play focuses on the Eleusinian Mysteries, ceremonies that were performed to honor the goddess Persephone in Ancient Greek culture. The Chicago Tribune said that the musical was “deeply weird,” and that the music side of it was “compelled by electronica, including a variety of trancelike melodies and rhythmic patterns, with Corgan exploring, I think, the intersection between the ritualistic and the individual under duress.” The play is running through 12/14. More info here.

[Photo by Ian Gavan/Getty.]

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