Twin Shadow – “Turn Me Up”

After releasing the amazing song “To The Top” this year, George Lewis Jr.’s Twin Shadow project largely fell silent, postponing an American tour and not saying anything about the album everyone assumed was coming. But recently, Lewis announced that the tour was back on and that he’d signed with Warner Bros., with an album coming in spring. The new song “Turn Me Up” might be the first thing we’ve heard from that album. It’s a moody, twinkly, synthetic new wave song that, I’m sort of surprised to report, reminds me a whole lot of Drake. Listen to it and read some cryptic words from Lewis below.

Lewis writes:

I think it’s important to let people take what they need from songs instead of explaining too much about what they mean for me personally. But my friends keep asking, “Turn me up,” what’s that mean? I keep saying, Take more from me. Ask more of me. Give me more back. Stop fighting against the things you want the most.

Twin Shadow’s new album Eclipse will be out 3/17 via Warner Bros.

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