Grimes Just Finished Glam-Rock Song, Says “Go” Was Never Intended For Album

Lately, Grimes has been working on a mysterious and eagerly anticipated new album, the follow-up to her 2012 breakthrough Visions. She’s said a few things about the album, like that she scrapped an early version of it because it wasn’t turning out right. And earlier this year, she shared “Go,” a great-but-divisive dubstep-flavored pop song that she’d done with Blood Diamonds. And on Twitter overnight, she gave a few updates and clarifications on the album. For one thing, “Go” was never intended for the LP. Like the previous Blood Diamonds collab “Phone Sex,” it was intended as a non-album one-off. And Grimes also says that she’s just finished work on “what could def b a third single for this album,” which she calls “my first attempt at a glam rock style song.” Here’s what she says:

And it seems possible that she’s been working on guitar-based music because Fender sent her some free stuff. Smart move, Fender!

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