Bestselling Vinyl Of 2014 Includes Jack White, Beck, Lana Del Rey

The comeback is real: vinyl now makes up about 3.5% of album sales — still not a huge number in the scheme of things, but significantly larger than the 0.2% it was pulling in ten years ago. We know that Amazon and Urban Outfitters are going one-two as the biggest vinyl distributors, so what exactly are they selling? In a new report from The Wall Street Journal on the toll that the vinyl resurgence is taking on the handful of manufacturers left, they reached out to Billboard to find out which records are selling the most. The list is pretty much what you’d expect.

Jack White comes in at number one with 75,700 copies of Lazaretto sold. Earlier this year, he broke the first-week vinyl sales record, selling 40,000 copies in one week (or almost half of his yearly total). There’s a pretty significant gap between that and Arctic Monkeys’ AM, which comes in at number two with 40,600 copies sold. Then there’s another jump to the rest of the top 5, which are all pretty close to each other in terms of sales: The Black Keys’ Turn Blue (28,300), Lana Del Rey’s Born To Die (27,200), and Beck’s Morning Phase (25,200). Here’s a graphic laying all of that out:

Top Selling Vinyl

These are as of the beginning of November so it doesn’t take the holiday season into account, but it seems like a pretty good indicator of what this list will look like at the end of the year.