D’Angelo Announces Long-Anticipated Third Album Black Messiah

D’Angelo released his classic sophomore album Voodoo nearly 15 years ago. Since then, there’s been a ton of talk that he’s working on the mysterious follow-up album — in June, his manager said it’d be out in 2014 — but the album itself has, of course, not arrived. But now, we’ve got a YouTube video, from D’Angelo’s manager’s site, that says the album is called Black Messiah. It pairs that news with 15 seconds of murky, magnetic music, audio of a preacher talking about a black Jesus, and grainy black-and-white images. The album, we’re told, is “coming soon.” It’s pretty light on hard info, then, but it’s still the most definite news of a new D’Angelo album that we’ve heard yet. I’ll take it. Watch the preview below.

And: Is this the CD? And does this mean it’ll be a surprise release next week? It does say 12/16.

UPDATE: D’Angelo will play the album in a Red Bull Music Academy listening session in New York this weekend. New song “Sugah Daddy” goes online Sunday…

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