Leaked Sony Emails Reveal Kanye West’s “Immersive” Film Proposal, Film With Seth Rogen

Lots of embarrassing information came out last month when hackers broke into Sony’s servers and unearthed thousands of internal documents, but some exciting possibilities came to light as well. Here’s one: The Daily Beast reports that Sony is in discussions regarding a Kanye West feature film. An email from Kanye’s DONDA creative director Elon Rutberg dated 8/4/14 pitches such a project in vague terms:

I supervise all of Kanye’s film and media projects, and we have a major film project coming up that involves both cinematic and technological innovation, so I naturally thought Sony and wanted to reach out. We premiered a multi-screen cinema experience to great response at Cannes 2012, and are looking to take the storytelling to the next level with a feature length film, shot for an immersive cinema experience.

The leak also reveals that Kanye has a part in an upcoming Seth Rogen movie, and it sounds like it has the potential to be amazing:

We’ll have an XMAS tease for 2015. We have a specific idea to attach to THE INTERVIEW that will crush. Seth, Joe, and [Anthony] Mackie reenacting the scene from BIG on the floor piano at FAO Schwartz with KANYE WEST. It’s fucking awesome.

Additionally, emails from the leak show that Beyoncé’s father, Matthew Knowles, pitched a Destiny’s Child biopic to Sony in December 2013. Sony executives allegedly responded positively, although there is already a Destiny’s Child TV movie scheduled to debut on Lifetime next year.

[Photo by Rob Kim/Getty Images.]