Chief Keef – “Nobody” (Feat. Kanye West)

Chicago drill star Chief Keef was dropped by Interscope less than two months ago, and he’s already planning to release an album on his own tomorrow. When details of Keef’s new self-released LP Nobody emerged recently, the big news was that Kanye West, who previously collaborated with Keef on the Yeezus track “Hold My Liquor,” would show up on the album’s title track, which Keef teased back in August. (West is the only big-name guest on the album.) As it turns out, “Nobody” is a weirder song than anyone could’ve anticipated, with Keef slurring impenetrably hard and slathering his voice with Auto-Tune, all over a sample of Willie Hutch’s 1973 soul classic “Brother’s Gonna Work It Out.” Kanye seems to be there on backing vocals and nothing more. Listen below.

(via Miss Info)

The self-released Nobody is out tomorrow.