Watch Nicki Minaj On Ellen

In his review of Nicki Minaj’s The Pinkprint, Tom talked about how the album’s pre-release singles were transformed in the context of the album’s breakup narrative. One song he didn’t mention was “Bed Of Lies,” a syrupy-sweet Skylar Grey collaboration that functions as a climactic kiss-off near the end of the project. That song, which at first struck me as a phoned-in power ballad, hit me very differently when I was spinning The Pinkprint over the weekend. When you’re feeling sentimental, stuff that normally comes off as corny might stab you right in the heart. That said, “Bed Of Lies” didn’t carry 14 tracks’ worth of context with it when Minaj performed it on Ellen today, so I might have to revert to my prior position that it’s garbage. Watch below and see if you feel anything.

Minaj also sat down for an interview:

The Pinkprint is out now on Young Money.