Skrillex – “Dirty Vibe” Video (Feat. Diplo, G-Dragon & CL)

Before Diplo and Skrillex got together to form their new duo Jack Ü, they collaborated on “Dirty Vibe,” a track from Skrillex’s 2014 album Recess. The song also features the K-Pop stars G-Dragon (of BigBang) and CL (of 2NE1), two people who have way more batshit charisma than just about anyone in Western pop music. The new “Dirty Vibe” video pretty much works as a showcase for G-Dragon and CL, both of whom wear insane clothes and pose and preen in various unlikely settings. There’s also a painted-black dancer dressed as a devil. I’m not sure it’s quite as eyeball-exploding as Skrillex’s Nabil-directed “Fuck That” video, but it’s well worth a look regardless. Watch the video below.

Recess is out now on OWSLA.