Hear Emily Haines’ New GoldieBlox Song “Lightning Strikes” & Watch Her Sing With Cyndi Lauper In NYC

The toy company GoldieBlox has had a rough year in advertising after being accused of copyright infringement by the Beastie Boys for re-working the band’s 1986 classic “Girls” to convey a more “feminist” message. The company settled the lawsuit and issued an apology to the Beasties, who have always been very outspoken about their refusal to commodify their music for commercial purposes. It appears GoldieBlox has figured out that musicians like it better when you ask for their help up front. The company officially enlisted Metric’s Emily Haines and James Shaw for a new track called “Lightning Strikes.” It’s by no means Haines’ most intriguing project — it’s obviously written for the express purpose of selling children’s toys, and she did used to be in Broken Social Scene, after all — but it’s not a terrible song. Watch the GoldieBlox advertisement below, as well as a video of Haines and Shaw performing alongside Cyndi Lauper on December 6th at the annual “Cyndi Lauper And Friends: Home for the Holidays” benefit concert.