Nine Inch Nails Fan Creates Humongous Torrent Of Every Available Concert Bootleg

Since 2008, an obsessive and extremely dedicated Nine Inch Nails fan has been collecting the band’s live audio from a massive pool of sources in order to create a free online database of fan recordings titled “Reflecting In The Chrome: A NIN Recording Archive.” The drive has gone through several evolutions, some of which the collector Ryan calls “messy,” but this latest iteration is the highest-quality group of tracks so far — and it’s finally being made available to the public. There is a way of downloading the entire drive, which you supposedly need 750 GB of free space to store, or you can mail a harddrive to Ryan and he will mail it back to you with the archive stored on it. Ryan hopes to eventually include fan-shot video on the site as well. The torrent and details about the project can be found here.