Watch Ryan Adams Visit CBS This Morning

Ryan Adams gave tons of interviews this year, including one with us, and the sentiments he expressed when visiting CBS This Morning: Saturday are largely similar to what we’ve heard from him before. But there’s something different about hearing his voice and seeing his face, something that makes the interview segment below feel especially illuminating. Just in case you don’t have time to watch, here’s Adams on his latest period of prolificacy:

There’ll be a year or two now and again where it’s pretty peaceful. And there’s — there’s songs, but they’re just, they wash up on shore and you pull ‘em in and you clean ‘em off. But then sometimes it’s like thunder-storming on the sea, and they’re everywhere, and that’s like how it is now. It’s cool. It feels like my soul is full and it’s overflowing and I’m taking just dictation from what I — what I can get from it.

Watch the interview below.