A-Trak Explains Why 2014 Was A Great Year For Rap

The consensus seems to be that this wasn’t a great year for rap, but A-Trak disagrees. In a new article written for Medium, the Fool’s Gold founder explains that it was “a year that actually made us reexamine what rap is.” He writes that this year was marked by the rise of “Soundcloud rap” and no major rapper better embodies the change than Drake: “This was supposed to be an off year for Papi but he just got a Grammy nom for the SoundCloud freebie ‘0 to 100.’ He also spotted iLoveMakonnen’s oddball anthem ‘Tuesday,’ added a verse and put it up middle of the night. Seeing that song go from a SoundCloud surprise to a Top 40 hit shows just how much the traditional path has altered.” You can read the rest of his thoughts here.

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