Watch The New BBC Documentary The Clash: New Year’s Day ’77 Featuring Previously Unseen Footage

By any reasonable metric, the Clash are one of the five best bands in British history. (The others, if you’re keeping score at home, are the Rolling Stones, Black Sabbath, Pulp, and Ned’s Atomic Dustbin.) In honor of their history, the BBC has put together a new documentary called The Clash: New Year’s Day ’77, about a show that the band played at London’s Roxy as the most important year of their careers was beginning. The movie has previously unseen footage that The Great Rock ‘N’ Roll Swindle director Julien Temple shot in the band’s early days, and it attempts to situate what they were doing with everything else that was happening in England at the time. Watch the whole 75-minute film below.

Mick Jones’ Bruce Lee impersonation is something I will carry with me for a while.

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