Bonnaroo Wants You To Reveal This Year’s Lineup

Because just giving you their entire lineup would be too boring, Bonnaroo has decided to make you do a little work for it this year. Capitalizing on a fanbase that’s already pretty dedicated to figuring out who’s going to be making an appearance at Roo, the festival has set up a telephone hotline that fans can call next week to get the scoop on the roster. On January 13th between 6-9PM EST, you can call 1-844-ROO-2015 and you’ll get the name of one artist, which you’re then supposed to share on your social media accounts with the hashtag #bonnaroo. Then, you can go to their website and watch the lineup reveal itself. Alternatively, you could just wait until the whole event is over and then check out the whole thing for yourself! Either way, good to know we’ll be getting the lineup next week. For last year’s Bonnaroo Lineup Announcement Megathon, they put on a Flaming Lips and Ben Folds superjam. Watch a video announcing the unconventional reveal below.

This year’s Bonnaroo will take place from 6/11-14.

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