BADBADNOTGOOD & Ghostface Killah – “Ray Gun” (Feat. DOOM)

Ghostface Killah has been saying that his long-awaited collaborative album with fellow classicist obscuritan DOOM will finally see release in 2015. We’ll see! But we already know that Ghost has another collaborative album coming out this year: Sour Soul, with the Toronto jazz group BADBADNOTGOOD (and that’s only a few months after Ghost’s last album 36 Degrees). We’ve already heard “Six Degrees,” with Danny Brown, and “Gunshowers,” with Elzhi. And now Ghost and DOOM are teaming up on the album track “Ray Gun,” both of them going in and sounding comfortable on a funky low-key shuffle that could’ve come from DOOM’s crates, at least until the driving instrumental break at the end. This is a cool song, and if it’s any sort of preview for that Ghost/DOOM album, that’s good news for everyone. Check it out below.

(via Miss Info)

Sour Soul is out 2/17 on Lex.