The American Football House In Champaign-Urbana Is Available For Rent This Summer

The house that graces the front cover of American Football’s landmark self-titled album is available to rent. The location of the house, which is just a short walk from the University Of Illinois’ Champaign-Urbana campus, has been known for a while, but a Craigslist ad has recently appeared listing the house as available for the upcoming school year. The band itself pointed the ad out on its Twitter earlier today, adding that “You can rent THE house if you’d like!” The iconic house has taken on a life of its own since American Football’s release, and has served as the stage backdrop on the band’s recent reunion tour and as a setting in a new video for “Never Meant.” There’s no mention of the house’s past in the Craigslist description. Just beware: it’s been known to attract some “emo pilgrims” from time to time.

American Football cover