Cheatahs – “Sunne” (Stereogum Premiere)

Cheatahs – “Sunne” (Stereogum Premiere)

On the title track from their upcoming Sunne EP, London shoegazers Cheatahs apply fervent forward propulsion to twisted ethereal sounds. It’s a very cool song that pulls off a neat sonic trick, managing to keep one foot in an alternate reality and the other in the here and now. Guitarist James Wignall offered some insight into how that effect came to be:

“Sunne” is partly an attempt to encapsulate the feelings I had when I read The Sun Also Rises, a book that had quite a profound effect on me. We ran the guitars through a very cheap (and slightly broken) recorder onto old cassette tape, which evokes a bittersweet end-of-day feeling, as if the sun were setting.

Below, hear “Sunne” for the first time.

Sunne is out 2/23 in Europe and 2/24 in America via Wichita. Pre-order it at iTunes and get “Controller” instantly, or grab it on 12″ vinyl from the label.

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