Faith Healer – “Again” (Stereogum Premiere)

Faith Healer – “Again” (Stereogum Premiere)

Jessica Jalbert and Renny Wilson have made music together under the names Tee-Tahs, Punk Explosion, and Jessica Jalbert in addition to a smattering of cover bands. The Edmonton duo’s latest partnership is called Faith Healer, and their debut album Cosmic Troubles is extremely good. Early single “Again” boasts a swaggering rhythm section, brightly shining Summer Of Love guitar leads, and hypnotic vocals out of an old French pop record. It’s impossible to tell if this song is floating or sauntering, but it’s easy to discern that it’s great. Listen to the damn thing, and try out prior single “Until The World Lets Me Go” while you’re at it.

Cosmic Troubles tracklist:
01 “Acid”
02 “Again”
03 “Canonized”
04 “Cosmic Troubles”
05 “Fools Rush In”
07 “Angel Eyes”
08 “Infinite Return”
09 “No Car”
10 “Universe”
11 “Was, Is And Is To Come”
12 “Until The World Lets Me Go”

Cosmic Troubles is 3/31 on Mint.

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