Happy Decemberists Day, Portlanders

Today is the day that Portland indie institution the Decemberists release What A Terrible World, What A Beautiful World, their first album in four years. And Portland mayor Charlie Hales has made an occasion of it, naming today Decemberists Day in Portland. (Sleater-Kinney, another Portland band with a new album out today, have apparently not been deemed worthy of getting their own day. To be fair, there was a Portlandia Day in Portland — 1/21/11 — but come on, that’s not the same thing.) The mayor will present the band with an official proclamation at City Hall at 2PM, and they’ll play a free show. They’ll also unveil what a press release calls “a collaborative art piece inspired by the album that was created by 50 local Portland artists and small businesses.” So if you’re in Portland, maybe take a long lunch break today.

UPDATE: Here’s some video.