You Blew It! – “Your Side”

We’ve already heard “Lanai” and “Bedside Manor,” the first two songs off of Florida emo quintet You Blew It!’s upcoming Pioneer Of Nothing EP. And now we’re getting a chance to listen to the third and final track, “Your Side.” Unashamed display of raw emotion is kind of their thing, and “Your Side” is You Blew It! at their sweetest, saddest, and quietest, a softly glowing ballad with guitar gently snaking around Tanner Jones’s intimate vocals. There aren’t any big, cathartic, sky-punching moments here, but there don’t need to be — from the first quaver in Jones’s naked voice to the ending mantra of “I’m by your side tonight, no matter how many times you’re convinced otherwise,” it’s all out in the open right from the beginning. Listen below.

(via Entertainment Weekly)

Pioneer Of Nothing is out 1/27 on Jade Tree. Pre-order it here.

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